Please send your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or hand deliver to Level 3, FNPF Provident Plaza One, Ellery Street, Suva, Fiji

Vacancy No.


Due Date Open/Closed Download Link
   GII TBSO 29-12-2020 OPEN Download
     Office Orderly 29-12-2020 OPEN Download
Vac 08/2020   Accountant 27-10-2020 CLOSED Download
  Vac 07/2020   BAF Driver (Lautoka based)  30-10-2020 CLOSED Download
 Vac 06/2020  GEF Driver (GEF 6 IAS Project - Taveuni based)  30-10-2020 CLOSED Download
  Veterinarian 11-09-2020 CLOSED Download
  Principal Veterinary Officer (PVO) 11-09-2020 CLOSED Download
BAF-03-2020 Team Leader IT & GIS 12-06-2020 CLOSED Download
BAF-02-2020 Fleet Officer 06-03-2020 CLOSED Download
BAF-01-2020 Plant Pathologist 11-02-2020 CLOSED Download
BAF-28-2019 Accountant 29-10-2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-27-2019 Manager Finance   CLOSED  Download 
BAF-26-2019  Chief Veterinary Officer 29-10-2019 CLOSED


BAF-25-2019 Laboratary Technician-Veterinary   CLOSED


BAF-24-2019 Office Orderly-(Lautoka Based) 23-08-2019 CLOSED


BAF-22.2019 Properties Officer-(re-advertised) 23-08-2019 CLOSED


BAF-23-2019 Maintenance Officer 23-08-2019 CLOSED


BAF-19-2019  Animal Handler 03-05-2019 CLOSED


BAF-18-2019  Assistant Administrative Officer 03-05-2019 CLOSED


BAF-17-2019  Public Relation Officer-re-advertised 03-05-2019 CLOSED


BAF-16-2019  Station Officer-Denarau 03-05-2019 CLOSED


BAF-14-2019  Veterinarian  Epidemiologist 18-03-2019 CLOSED


BAF-13-2019  Veterinarian Laboratory 18-03-2019 CLOSED


BAF-13-2019  Veterinarian Risk Assessment 18-03-2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-12-2019  Station Coordinator 18-03-2019 CLOSED Download 
BAF-11-2019  Eradication Field Coordination (National GEF Project) 04-03-2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-10-2019   Properties Officer - (Re-advertised 04-01-2019  CLOSED  Download 
BAF-09-2019   Capex/Opex Officer - HQ (Re-advertised) 04-01-2019  CLOSED  Download 
BAF-07-2019  Front Desk Assistant 04-03-2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-08-2019  Driver-(Immediate Start) Postings: Nadi x2, Sigatoka x1, Labasa x2, Savusavu x1, Rakiraki x1, Ba x1, Levuka x1, Suva x2 04/02/2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-06-2019  Biosecurity Officers (Outter Stations posts Nadi,Suva and Lautoka 15/02/2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-05-2019  Temporary Biosecurity Officer-GII 04-03-2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-03-2019   Stock Officer 21/01/2019 CLOSED  Download 
BAF-02-2019   Public Relation Officer 21/01/2019  CLOSED Download 
BAF-01-2019  IT Support Officer 21/01/2019 CLOSED Download
BAF-41-2018   Manager Human Resources -re-advertised   CLOSED Download 
BAF-42-2018   Human Resources Officer   CLOSED Download 
BAF-43-2018   Temporary Biosecurity Officer -(Termites)   CLOSED Download 
BAF-44-2018   Project Officer/Station Officer -(Termites)   CLOSED Download 
 BAF-36-2018 Finance and Administration Officer (GEF)  10/09/2018  CLOSED Download 
BAF-35-2018 Temporary Biosecurity Officers (GII) 10/09/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-34-2018 Manager Human Resources -Re-Advertised 10/09/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-33-2018 Station Coordinator-Nadi 06/08/2018 CLOSED Download
Re-Advertised  Manager Human Resources and Corporate 16/07/2018 CLOSED Download
"  IT Team Leader Re-Advertised 16/07/2018 CLOSED  Download
" Application Developer Re-Advertised 16/07/2018 CLOSED Download 
Veterinary Epidemiologist-Re-Advertised 16/07/2018 CLOSED D ownload
" Veterinarian-Re-Advertised 16/07/2018 CLOSED Download
" Human Resource Officer-Re-Advertised 16/07/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-26-2018 Lab Technicians x 2 01/06/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-25-2018 Veterinary Epidemiologist 01/06/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-24-2018 Veterinarian 01/06/2018 CLOSED Download
BAF-22-2018 Manager Human Resource -Re-Advertised 18/05/2018 CLOSED Download 
BAF-21-2018 Caretaker/Landscaper 18/05/2018 CLOSED Download 


Assistant Administration Officer 18/05/2018 CLOSED Download 


Team Leader Information Technology 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Team Leader Administration 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Stationa Supervisor-Nausori Airport 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Station Officer-Denarau 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Station Coordinator-Nausori 20/04/2018 CLOSED


Senior Human Resource Officer 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Maintainance Officer 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Investigation Officer 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Internal Auditor 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Human Resources Officer 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Driver 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Assistant Accountant 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Application Developer 20/04/2018 CLOSED Download


Animal Handler 20/04/2018 CLOSED D ownload

BAF 02-2018

Internal Auditor-Re-Advertise 23/02/2018 CLOSED Download

BAF 37/2017

Legal Counsel 05/12/2017 CLOSED Download

BAF 30/2017

Temporarily Biosecurity Officer For Giant Invasive Iguana 03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 18/2017

Project Management Coordinator

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 19/2017

Chief Plant Protection Officer - Re- Advertised x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 20/2017

Chief Veterinary Officer - Re- Advertised x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 21/2017

Principal Plant Protection Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 22/2017

Principal Veterinary Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 23/2017

Senior Plant Protection Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 24/2017

Senior Veterinary Officer x1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 25/2017

Manager Human Resource and Corporate x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 26/2017

Internal Auditor

23/02/2018 CLOSED download

BAF 27/2017

Export Systems Coordinator x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 28/2017

Plant Pathologist (Bacteriologist)

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 29/2017

Plant Pathologist

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 30/2017

Public Liaison Officer/ Public Relations Officer

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 31/2017

Non-Compliance Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 32/2017

Nematologist x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 33/2017

Entomologist - Re-advertised x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 34/2017

Assurance and compliance Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 35/2017

Coordinator Aquatic Surveillance Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download  

BAF 36/2017

Coordinator Terrestrial Surveillance Officer x 1

03/11/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 9/2017

Accountant 07/08/2017 CLOSED download

BAF 7/2017

Administration Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 16/2017 Biosecurity Officers x 29 18/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 10/2017 Cashier x 3 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 14/2017 Drivers 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 13/2017 Finance Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 12/2017 Geographical Information Systems Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 11/2017 Information Technology Support Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 8/2017 Properties Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download
BAF 15/2017 Stock Officer 07/08/2017 CLOSED download