Frequently Asked Questions


What is biosecurity?
Biosecurity is a strategic and integrated approach that encompasses the policy and regulatory frameworks (including instruments and activities) for analyzing and managing relevant risks to human, animal and plant life and health, and associated risks to the environment.
Biosecurity covers food safety, zoonoses, the introduction of animal and plant diseases and pests, the introduction and release of living modified organisms (LMOs) and their products (e.g. genetically modified organisms or GMOs), and the introduction and management of invasive alien species.

What happens to the declared goods?
After inspection, Biosecurity Officers would return your declared goods if they are safe. However, some goods may require treatment and you are required to pay for these service. Any prohibited items will be destroyed immediately or re-exported to the country of the origin under Biosecurity of Fiji supervision at your own expense.

What if you fail to declare? 
It is very important that you read and fill your arrival card carefully and truthfully. If any prohibited or declarable items are found in your baggage or possession and you have not declared these on your arrival card or disposed them off in the Biosecurity amnesty bin provided, you will be spot fined $FJD 400. You are also liable for prosecution with a maximum fine of up to $FJD 20,000 or face a maximum of six months imprisonment or both. If you are in doubt, whether the goods you are carrying are considered biosecurity risk goods, please ask or seek help from any of the Biosecurity Officers based at our borders.
All cats and dogs imported to Fiji, whether it be for the first time or returning, must meet the standard BAF import conditions.. This is to minimize the risk of exotic diseases being introduced into Fiji. Fiji is free from many animal-related diseases found in other parts of the world and we would like to maintain this.

Bringing Cats and Dogs (and other pets) to Fiji

Can I bring my cat or dog to Fiji?
You first have to apply for an import permit which will be examined by BAF Vet for approval or non approval. A BAF Import Permit is required for cats and dogs being imported into Fiji from all countries.

Click here for Import Permit Application Form

Applications with full detailed information should be sent at the following email address for processing.
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How much will it cost me to bring my cat or dog to Fiji?
The fee for an Import Permit is $302.63 which is valid for 6 months so that the importer plans well or smooth importation into Fiji.

The import Permit fee of F$302.63 can cover more than one pet, if they all are brought as one single importation at the same time.

Post-Entry Quarantine (PEQ) fees per animal are $962.78 per animal per week (7 day). For animals under 30 day quarantine it equates to F$4126.20.

All costs involved with the importation process are the responsibility of the importer and must be paid full in advance.

BAF also requires all animals to be transported by air to Nausori Airport. Booking for place in the PEQ should be made 6-8 weeks before the entry so that space allocation could be made.

BAF is unable to provide information on the cost of pre-export preparations, including laboratory testing and flights to Fiji.

How long must my cat or dog be in Fiji quarantine?
The length of time in Fiji quarantine can vary depending on the country of export and the pre-entry preparations involved.
For Australia and New Zealand, the quarantine period is 7 days provided the animal is healthy throughout the confinement period.
For other countries a mandatory minimal quarantine period of 30 days is required.
A Rabies Monitoring and Surveillance Policy is in place for countries other than Australia and New Zealand in that after release from quarantine a 10-day monitoring interval will be in place for 5 months, followed by another inspection after 9 months of entry into Fiji, and finally one more 12 months after entry. The animal is free to move around Fiji after its release from quarantine and the monitoring and surveillance for 1 year does not restrict the movement of the animal. After the one year the pet will no longer require monitoring and is then truly free.

Will you be providing all food during quarantine, or will we have to provide food as well?
Yes we provide all food while the animals are in quarantine. However, the owner is allowed to use their own manufactured diet for their pets or where a special dietary requirement is applicable then BAF will facilitate this.

Can my cat or dog undertake quarantine at home?
Home quarantine may be considered only after the 30 day mandatory period. Please note the home quarantine is not applicable for cats and dogs from Australia and New Zealand. These animals undergo 7 days mandatory Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ).

Can my cat or dog be imported into Fiji if he/she has a medical condition?
Yes, at the discretion of the exporting country veterinarian. However, you must inform BAF well before of the medical condition and the treatment applied. If your cat or dog has been diagnosed with a medical condition after the import permit has been granted, please notify BAF as soon as possible.

Please note that all cats and dogs entering Fiji must meet the BAF import conditions and be certified as fit to travel and undergo Fiji quarantine before leaving the country of export.

We provide any medication would you deliver?
Yes the basic medication will either be handled by the Biosecurity officers or the Vet. However, the animal is supposed to be healthy and sound before allowed importation into Fiji generally. Therefore, medication will be a slight anomaly or deviation from the norm.

Can my cat or dog travel in the plane cabin with me?
Travel in the cabin is allowed for special guide dogs, service dogs etc. However, normal dogs and pets are only allowed to travel as manifest cargo. Manifest cargo travels in a special part of the aircraft hold which is climate and pressure controlled to ensure animal welfare requirements are met. It also ensures traceability of your cat or dog.

Can I bring my cat or dog into Fiji on my yacht?
No. Importation of cats and dogs by yachts is not allowed. Pet animals on yacht must be bonded to remain on the vessel during the entire period the yacht is in Fiji waters.

How long will it take for me to get my cat or dog’s BAF import permit?
BAF strives to grant an import permit for each application within 21 business days from the date of receipt. However, in exceptional circumstance it may take longer than 21 business days to assess and grant an import permit.
If the application is incomplete, BAF will attempt to contact you and the processing of your application will be delayed until BAF receives all required information.
Please note BAF will not accept any liability for delay in processing of applications.

What are the requirements of importing Disability assistance dogs or Service dogs?
The main requirements are Medical Certificate that the client requires the Disability assistance dog or the service dog;
Certificate from the Service Dog Association indentifying the dog as the service dog assigned after training and bonding period of no less than 3-6 weeks with the client.
The Disability Assistance dog or the Service dog may automatically qualify for home quarantine and access to the public places with the owner/client but it needs to leashed and working as Service dogs.

What sort of microchip should my cat or dog have?
Applications with full detailed information should be sent at the following email address for processing.
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